Skip 4000 hours watching YouTube and monetizing with Browser Bot app

In this post, we offer you the fulfillment of the YouTube requirement 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months, but within days, you will fulfill the condition legally through Browser Bot.

In this post, we offer you the fulfillment of the YouTube requirement 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months, but within days, you will fulfill the condition legally through Browser Bot.

Do you have a new YouTube channel and want to overcome the conditions of monetization, which is to get 4000 hours watched in the last 12 months and bring 1000 subscribers
You do not have my friends, we will explain to you in detail how to get these conditions and have what you want through a program on mobile devices, you can get legitimate and real views automatically and without any interference from you, which is Browser Bot
All you have to do is continue reading and pay close attention to the explanation and its application in your mobile device, and you will get more than 4000 hours watching your channel in a very brief circumstance and perhaps within a period not exceeding 7 days, and that is due to the time you allocate to the program.

Before we explain to you the method we have to summarize for you the reasons why YouTube has set conditions for monetization
Why should we skip YouTube terms for monetization?
YouTube is interested in advertisers and publishers, without distinction, because the two are related to each other
In other words, the advertiser will not benefit from its advertising campaigns without the publishers with channels
Likewise, publishers would not have earned money from their channels had it not been for advertisers
As a result, advertisers in recent years have started complaining about poor channels that do not have meaningful content and do not have a clear audience, and this leads to the loss of their money that they inject into YouTube on funded advertising campaigns.
In other words, advertisements appear on channels without content, audience or anything clear, and therefore the channel owner earns money while the advertiser loses money without any interest
This is what made many advertisers leave the YouTube advertising platform and head to other advertising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
This led YouTube to reconsider this issue and took steps to bring advertisers back to the YouTube platform
These measures consisted of setting strict conditions for income generation, which is obtaining 4000 watch hours and bringing 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months
In fact, these conditions are fair and satisfactory to both parties, meaning that the owner of the channel, if he does not fulfill these conditions, does not have meaningful content and therefore is not eligible to monetize on YouTube
And if he can overcome these conditions, he will prove that he is a content owner and can build an audience for his channel
This action by YouTube has had a positive effect in returning advertisers to YouTube again

How do we get 4000 watch hours
There are many ways to bypass the conditions and fulfill them, but Browser Bot gives you the safest and safest way in this regard
As you, through your use of the application, you will bring 100% legitimate and real views of your videos on YouTube without any interference from you.
The application is available for iPhone and Android devices and we will put the download links for you below
Whereas, Browser Bot is a mini browser, in other words, it is a browser dedicated to YouTube videos
You download the application and find the link to download the application at the bottom of the post
After downloading the application you install it on the mobile and then you open it and the application interface will appear to you asking you to put a link to one of your videos on YouTube
You put a link to a video on your channel, but be sure to put the longest video available on the channel
This is an image that shows you where to place the video link inside the program
After placing the video link, you will press the GO button
After that the browser will enter the video and the video will start playing automatically, and you must put the video acceleration X2 before proceeding to the second step
Now we move to the next step, which is by clicking on the program settings and then a new panel will pop up for you. You choose the number of 10 seconds to auto-start instead of 10 minutes.
Below, you will place another video link from your channel in the section devoted to automatic link fetching views
As shown in this picture
After that, you click on save new settings
Thus, you repeat the ball again with each video until you put all the videos on your YouTube channel
You will leave the program and the program will automatically fetch views for the videos that you have placed in the program's settings
Since after completing watching the video, the program will automatically switch to another video on your channel and play it at double the speed so that the view is finished with the least possible time
This way, you will have finished adjusting the settings of Browser Bot and you will get more than 4000 hours watching your YouTube channel in a very short time.

And now we leave you with this video, in which we explain in detail the way the application works and how to set it correctly to bring the views to exceed YouTube terms
You can find a link to download it below the video
Here we finish the explanation, we leave you now with links to download the program, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of everyone

To download the program for Android
Download the program for iPhone
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