how to increase adsense earnings ☆ 5 strategies to improve SEO

We offer you strategies and methods to increase the site’s profits for users of Adsense ads - guaranteed ways to increase profits

We offer you strategies and methods to increase the site’s profits for users of Adsense ads - guaranteed ways to increase profits 2021-2022-2023

Do you have a site and profit from it through Adsense ads and suffer from a decrease in profits despite the many visits to the site?
Do you own a site and do not have many visitors and want to increase the legitimate visits to the site to increase profits?
All this you will find in this post
Where we will provide you in this post a detailed explanation that guarantees you a great increase in profits for site users to profit from the Internet through Adsense ads
Profit from the site through Adsense ads is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, due to the great popularity and high profitability of Google Adsense.
There are many advantages that make AdSense the best advertising network for websites, and we will mention some of these advantages to you

KW Finder vulnerability

We used to buy CPC click-to-search service on the web from Mangools
And we used to pay 350 dollars annually to get this service
In fact, we have benefited greatly from this service, specifically from our knowledge of click prices for keywords
But we have discovered a serious loophole in the Mangools website which is the ability to circumvent the site and get this service for free!
We tested this vulnerability and it succeeded several times before we presented the method to you, because as you know we only offer you guaranteed and proven methods.
This method is to find out the price of your keywords in order to target the most profitable articles on the Internet for adsense ads
For more details on this vulnerability to increase Adsense profits, enter the following article:

SEO optimization tools

If you own a website, whether it is a blogger or a WordPress platform, then this means that you are seeking the success of this site and making it the top search engine.
This can only be after following several methods and adding optimization tools and codes required to configure the site, which is known as SEO optimization tools.
First we need to know what is the SEO principle and what is its relationship in improving the site What is Google's relationship to SEO tools?
Any site that needs Google's trust in it for indexing viruses to archive these articles and blogs on the site
The most important tools that must be available on the site to improve SEO are:
First: The site template is compatible with all devices, the most important of which are mobile devices
Second: Open an account in the google search console
Third: Sitemaps ((Sitemap))
Fourth: Availability of Robots.txt file
Fifth: Meta Tag codes available on-site
Sixth: a lot of backlinks to the site in other locations
Seventh: Quick template installation in loading pages and free of unnecessary codes
Eighth: Writing distinctively long and consistent articles
Ninth: Place other article codes within articles in the form of Backlink
To know these important tools and apply them on your site, you should read the following article:
But before that you must download the required tools and apply them as described in the explanation for success in the SEO improvement mission
Read the following article:

the compatibility of the site with the mobile

Any site in the world if the site template is not compatible with mobile devices, the topics and blogs inside the site will not be archived
The site will be completely ignored by Google
This is because 85% of Google's visitors are mobile users, according to official Google statistics
So Google gives high priority to mobile-friendly sites
To find out if your site is compatible with mobile, click here
In the event that your site is not compatible with the mobile, there is no problem in that. We will leave you at the end of the blog a set of free Arabized templates, all of which are compatible with the mobile, you can download and install them on your site for free


Backlink means mentioning the site link in other forums and sites
Backlink affects a lot of the benefits of optimization and high ranking sites in all of the search engines
Because spiders monitor all sites on the web, and they monitor the links that are mentioned on the sites
And index spiders send detailed data and daily reports to archiving algorithms
By discovering a Backlink to a site, our search algorithms take care of the sites that Bucklink has been placed in different sites.
The more Bakelink operations for a site, the more interest is given to this site and the greater the improvement of this site in SEO.
We will inform you how to get more than 1200 free backlinks for your website
To find out how to get free Backlink for the site, visit the following article:
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