How to add the Alexa Traffik Rank tool to the browser to see the ranking of sites

In this post, we explain to you how you add the Alexa Traffik Rank tool to the browser in just seconds, in order to know the ranking of sites globally.

We give you an explanation of how to easily add the Alexa Traffik Rank tool in simple steps to see the ranking of sites

The free Alexa Traffik Rank tool is one of the most important tools that website owners should add to their browser
As this tool enables you to know the ranking of your site and also enables you to know the order of any site you open through one click on the tool
Before we explain to you how to add the Alexa tool, we will put you with the most important information that the tool gives you when revealing the ranking of any website
First: Knowing the site’s ranking globally
Second: Knowing the site’s ranking in the most visited country
Third: Knowing the three most visited countries
Fourth: Knowing the most important semantic words ((sentences)) that lead to visiting the site
Fifth: A graph on the level of 90 days to advance the site in its ranking over the world
Sixth: Most features that visitors use for the site
Seventh: Links mentioned for the site
And a lot of useful information for the site

You can Alexa Traffik Rank tool by knowing all this information and caring about the things that help in the success and spread of the site more broadly.
Now we get to explain how to add the tool:
You must first log in to the tool’s website and you will find the link to enter the site at the end of this post
After that, you click on Install Alexa Browser Extension as shown in the image
After completing this task, a window for the tool will pop up for you. All you need to do is click on Agree to add the tool, and so the tool has been added.
After that, a tool will appear on the left side of the browser, which is the Alexa tool, you can click on it and give you detailed information about the site's ranking
Through this tool, you will know the arrangement of any site in the world by simply entering the site and clicking on the tool as shown in this image
In the first information that the site gives you, it is only information about the site’s ranking globally
As for if you want to know more detailed information about the site, click on the site name in the same tool and the rest of the full information about the site will appear to you with a new page
Now we leave you with this video in which we explain how to add the tool correctly and find the link to install the tool below the video
Here we have finished explaining how to add the tool and we leave you now with a link to the tool’s website to add it
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To access the Alexa Tool Extension website from here
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