Add the strongest Robots txt file ((Site configuration for archiving))

My dear you will find in this post explain and download the most powerful file Robots.txt for 2020 and how to configure the site to archive properly

We present to you the most powerful Robots.txt file for 2020 - 2021 - 2022 explain the file and explain how to add, test and send to be added without errors

Do you have a website and want to earn visitors coming to you via Google search engine?
Looking for a way to add a Robots.txt file after updates to Google's archiving algorithms?
Do you want to configure your blog or website correctly without errors to make your site ready for archiving?
Dear you, dear, in this post we present to you the strongest robots.txt file and explain to you how to add the file after you modify it correctly
We also show you everything related to Robots.txt
The configuration of the site or blog is so important that the neglect of the site configuration leads to the neglect of google site!
Google algorithms archive sites based on several things that must be followed and applied in the site in order to archive the site
These things are called ((site configuration)), and the configuration is in several stages and steps
The most prominent steps to configure the site are:
Add Sitemaps To read the explanation of the most powerful Sitemaps for 2020 click here
Add the Robots.txt file
Sitemaps and the Robots.txt file are closely linked
Since there is no benefit to the files sapmap without the robots file and no benefit to the file robots without files sapmap
We will simplify it and make it easier for you to understand these two tools
Site means location and map means map ((Site Map))
Sitemaps bring Google's index viruses to the site to which the files were added to archive the site
Any Sitemap files are a map that recognizes the location, unless you have a map
The robots.txt file prevents these index viruses from archiving unnecessary pages, sections, information, and codes.
Because the sitemap command is directed to archive everything in the site, and archiving all the site leads to disaster in the site, where the archiving of unnecessary things ignore the site by Google and will never be archived at all
So here we have summarized for you what is the function of both sitemap and robots.txt
We hope to be successful in explaining the way and we hope that you have benefited from the explanation Dear Sirs We leave you now with the required links

To download the Robots.txt file from here
To access the Robots test page here
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