How to create a successful professional blogger and earn more than $1,000 from Adsense per month

Dear friends, we offer you in this post a way to create a site to download files and earn money through the Internet through the site exclusive to the Mawdoo3e network
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We offer you a detailed explanation of how to create a professional Blogger blog without experience and in a minute 2021 - 2022 How to create a successful professional blogger and earn more than $1,000 from Adsense ads per month

The Blogger platform has become the most important and best platforms that allow us to create a site or a free blog
This comes back after the acquisition of Google and made radical changes to the blogger platform, making it available features that were not even available in the paid platforms that ask to pay money and subscription to allow you to create a site
This is what made them a huge turnout by users
Especially after Google enabled site owners to monetize and profit from the Internet through their blogs and this applies even on free blogs domino free
From this point of view we will explain to you how to create a blog blogger correctly one minute! Without mistakes and pictures and explanation
First, we log in to the blog link and find the link below
Then click on the orange button to create your blog
It is our turn to choose the email to register for
Immediately afterwards we move to the processing section of the basics of the code, which is the name, address and basic template
We choose a name for the blog and also choose the title of the blog should be vacant means aftertyping you click on any place in the page and if the address is not used gives you a valid reference and if the address is used will give you an error reference and you must change the address
And then you move to the control panel of your blog in Blogger and congratulations you now have your own site
But there are still some touches to become a global site and nothing short you have to read the topics related to blogs blogger and make it become one of the largest sites and blogs in the Arab world by installing professional templates and the development of Sitemap files and Robots.txt files
And many other things that you should follow which ensure you the success of your site by 99.99%
We hope that you have benefited from the explanation and wish you success and abundant profit

To register on the Blogger website here
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